Contractor International Project of the Year

This award recognises any strategic international project undertaken abroad. The project must be completed, or substantially completed, within the past 12 months. Note: the whole team does not need to be based in Ireland; the project is eligible so long as one of the key contributors are registered here. This award is only open to the main contractor managing the construction project as we can only accept one submission per project.

Entry is by a 5 A4 page submission; the judges will be looking for clear information, backed up by evidence, that pays particular attention to the criteria listed below.

Project outline: Please provide a brief description of the project including the brief, overall contract value, square footage, location, and the dates of commencement and completion.

Project team: Please include a full list of the project team involved, i.e., client, designers, architects, engineers, project managers, contractors, key suppliers, etc.

Planning and strategy: Why was this project commissioned? What strategy was undertaken to achieve the project’s aims and objectives? Was the project delivered on time and within budget?

Project Excellence: Explain why you feel this project deserves special recognition for this award, highlighting any innovations introduced.

Health & Safety: Outline the Health and Safety initiatives in place during the project.

Sustainability: Describe, if any, the steps taken to improve energy efficiency, increase use of renewables and/or reduce emissions (direct and indirect) during construction and for the future use of the building(s).

Supporting Statements & Testimonials: Please include any other statements or facts that support your entry, including client testimonials where possible.

How to Enter

Want to Get the Most Out of Your Entry?

All entrants must submit a document of no more than 5 A4 pages that covers the key criteria set out for the category they are entering.

Before making your submission, please read the terms and conditions and ensure the following:

  • All activities cited in support of your entries must have been on-going within the past 12 months unless stated otherwise in the criteria.
  • The entering party has to have an office in the ROI or NI and the projects that support their entry have to have taken place in these areas unless stated otherwise in the criteria.
  • Make sure you focus on good hard information, backed up by solid facts and figures.